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be there

this is a video we made for “be there” one night sometime in 2019. we had fun doing it. craig is without a doubt a secret weapon and we're inspired to see through more big ideas we have. huge appreciation and respect to the few people who had a hand in bringing this to life. you made this.

every time i look back on what worked for me artistically, i've been a little impulsive in the process. at this time in my life, i'm working on taming perfectionism and channeling times when exposing myself felt painless. most of my/our songs have become a time capsule filled with just enough to reminisce about a chapter of in life. when we were younger it wasn’t about it being perfect, but that we loved the process, the feeling of expressing ourselves, and being accepted by a community of other people who could relate in some way. never cared about being cool either. being great made it cool. my younger self just knew that whatever we were doing with what we were given could be elevated later. now i've been writing long enough to know that the feeling might never go away. our art can change whenever and forever. so we're sharing more and deleting more if we have to.